April 13, 2010

betsy's big day

i met betsy in 4th grade. we became fast friends and she was even one of the first sleepovers i can remember being invited to. i'm so grateful that we've stayed in touch for this long and am VERY excited that she's moving to baton rouge! she has always been someone who is genuinely happy for you and who always has your best interest in mind. when i was planning my own wedding, i was insecure thinking that no one really cared to hear the flowers i wanted or the color scheme i chose, but she insisted that i get all my magazine clippings and "wedding binder" from the car and tell her all about it. she sat there, asked questions, and showed support for every decision that i was debating. i never told her, but that conversation did wonders for me while i was trying to make sense of the chaotic wedding world i was trying to navigate at the time.

this past saturday, it was her turn to walk down the aisle. she made such a gorgeous bride as she made her way to her groom that was grinning from ear to ear. you could just see their excitement that's been 5 years in the making.

after the ceremony, naturally, we found a way into their hotel room (thank you Lauren for your Hilton connections!) and gave it some ambiance. :)

after we gave it our touch (classy of course), we headed to the reception. we had soooo much fun! the food...oh the food. i've never been to an outside reception before and i have to say it's a new fav. as much as i love big 300+ people weddings, there is just something about smaller weddings that make you feel more included and a part of the couple's special day.

and then the pictures began.

"hey betsy! you should get on the rock and we'll all crowd around."

"ummmmm guys, this is weird...can i get down please??"

me and the bride (who was rocking jcrew and FABulous hair!)

the happy couple

congrats again on y'all's wedding! it was such an amazing extension of who you are. happy honeymoon and see y'all in BR! wohoooo!

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LindseYaYa said...

what a beautiful post... and gorgeous pictures. Such a pretty couple... there is so much happiness out there for them, I'm sure. xo

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