April 6, 2010

idol doppelganger

the conversation went a little something like this:

me: so looks like you officially have a doppelganger
joel: a what?
me: a doppelganger...a double...someone who looks like you
joel: really? who?
me: some guy from american idol
joel: american idol???? nooooooooooooooooooo!!!

so many people have told me how much joel not only resembles lee but their mannerisms are even similar. neither of us watch american idol, so i had to look him up after about the 5th person told me. and i haven't stopped laughing since. joel can't stand it bc he's held on to the only other person that he was told he resembled...the guy from 300. hahahaha

someone told him this YEARS ago when it first came out and he still holds on to it. probably b/c the 300 guy is so hardcore.

and then there's this guy:

with a little hair gel and taped-on nails, he still might be kinda pushing it.

either way, there's no getting around it. he definitely has a new it or not. :)
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