April 27, 2010

art gallery

i came across the cutest idea last night and had to share for all my mom friends. as a kid who LIVED for arts and crafts days at school, this project made me so happy.

this mom made a "brag board" of all her kids' artwork, so they can proudly look at their masterpieces, and in return, i think the custom art adds some nice character to their home.

after seeing this, i know that a good idea always comes from somewhere or is also done is many other fashions, so here are some of my favs i found:

this looks like molding of some sort with clips attached.

this mom took took pictures of her boys' art then made a collage in photoshop and added her boys' pics and names for an added touch. love it.

use an empty frame. we found a huge empty frame with some nice detail on the side of the road and i've been toying around with putting lots of loose art and other things i love in it, but i'm not convinced yet. this pic just reminded me what you can do with something so simple.

this is my absolute favorite. i love this idea of not confining it to the playroom or your child's room, but having it take up an entire wall in a high-traveled area. the ability to switch it out or frame the ones you really like, just make it even more personal.

this would also be a fun excuse to try out magnetic paint.

all this talk makes me want to break out the glue, paper towel rolls, and markers and start creating! :)


MotherSea said...

We have got to be sisters!
I have a entire folder saved on my desktop just of pictures of ways to display kid art work. Not even joking!

AND luke bought me a thing of magnetic paint for my bday!! plan on painting a wall in my room over the summer.

ashley h said...

i love it jenny! my favorite is the "stand off" attachments with the metal cable in the pic with the man holding the baby. adorable! you can buy that cable system for next to nothing at ikea.

Janee said...

I love ALL of these ideas... not just for our house, but for my classroom! I am totally using something like this in my room next year! My students LOVE seeing their pictures in my room, and this is such a fun way to display them!

trixerelixer said...

my husband & i painted all our kitchen cabinets with both magnetic & chalkboard paint! it's a great way to keep to do list, weekly menus...and now that we have a little nephew it's a great way to entertain him during visits AND keep a bit of his artwork around!

Jenny said...

That's such a great idea to paint your kitchen cabinets with that--i bet it makes for fun times! :)

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