May 4, 2010

doily delight

i love heirlooms and anything with a past, but for some reason i've always turned my nose up at doilies. i can't bring myself to jump of the doily trend bandwagon just yet, but this picture totally made my jaw drop.

the designer here, Kristan Cunningham who is an interior designer and Design on a Dime host, shared her bedroom that she accented with her grandmother's antique doilies. i love it so much because (1) i love white, cream, tan, anything light and airy; (2) it's such a special way to remember her family; and (3) instead of sitting in a closet or gathering dust on a random table somewhere, they are serving as art with a purpose.

pictures like these remind me that your home is a reflection of you and who you are and not just a page out of the pottery barn catalog. even though recreating something you like is way easier :)

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