November 20, 2009

fall favorites

my favorite time of the year is in full swing. fall!!! i was up last night finishing a few things so i could enjoy these next few weeks to the fullest. thanksgiving, my birthday, then christmas (more in the winter category, but let's face it, we live in Louisiana)...seriously though, best time of the year ever! sooo in honor of my favorite season, i am sharing a few of my current favorite things as of lately.

favorite artist (he's great no matter the season). why don't i have his newest CD? i need to get on that.

i LOVE these necklaces...i think it's the stamped effect that gets me

if you know me, you know my obsession with white. i have been meaning to buy a set of white dinnerware for the longest time. simple, round, no frills, no thrills, white plates and cups. just lovely :)

pioneer woman...need i say more? i've been following her blog for a while now (thanks to sarah m for introducing us!) and her recipes are sooo good. now, she made a cookbook...could it get any better?

perfume obsession...i smelled this in a magazine a few months ago and fell in love. i don't even know how to explain it--other than perfection in a bottle.

LSU football season...i am by no means a die hard football fan (i don't even know half the rules--or care to learn), but i do love LSU. plus this year i signed up for a square on a board thing (i don't know the official term, forgive me) and i won one! i was beyond excited. :) me and joel also got to go to a game this year (first one in 3 years--thank you ashley and ernie!) and had so much fun...i might have cried a little in excitement just to be back in the stadium. it was awesome...i also might have been the only one in my section doing all the dances :) what's the saying? you can take the girl out of LSU, but you can't take the LSU out of the girl? yeah, something like that. :) i just love it!

pecan pie! i made my first one a few weeks ago, and it was quite delicious if i do say so myself. :) i'll probably be making another one this week for Thanksgiving, but we'll see how that goes...i tend to overcommit myself, so no promises!

that's it for now--i hope everyone has a great holiday! i do have a couple more posts on a cute pillow i've been working on and the other on a neat concept for the kitchen that i found! but you will have to wait until after the break. :)

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