September 25, 2009

notebook makeover

i saw this adorable paper a week ago at hobby lobby and have been racking my brain as to how i can use it. when i came across an old notebook i had, i knew the solution. while i love composition books, they are just kind of ugly...let's face it--you know you agree. i desperately need a new journal for church, so i figured now was a great time for a makeover. it really is such an easy project, and i had all but 2 things on hand, making it a cheap project...$3 to be exact. :) i saw an easy tutorial online, and then i put my own spin on it, so here's the breakdown.

what you need:

:: ugly notebook
:: super cute paper
:: modge podge
:: elastic strip
:: decorative brad (or a plain brad and you can decorate it with paper, a big button, fabric, etc.)
:: scissors

how to:

:: trace outline of notebook on paper (leave room for when the notebook's shut)
:: cut out and line up with notebook (cut excess to fit)
:: modge podge the notebook and place paper on top
:: go have a date night with your hot husband (or friend, family, co-worker, etc.)
:: come back after modge podge is dry and then modge podge the top of paper to seal it
:: punch very small hole on front cover (i used a seam ripper, but a pen or scissors would work)
:: insert brad
:: punch another hole on back (big enough to push elastic strip through)
:: loop elastic and knot it to secure the elastic
:: enjoy!

i'm more of a visual learner, so here are the pics:

yes, i'm a dork, but i can't get enough of this stuff! i'm planning on getting my sew on this weekend with other easy tutorials i found online, so stay tuned. :)


Ashley said...

You need to sell these, please.

Amanda Causey said...

that's awesome jenny! and I LOVE the paper!

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