July 24, 2008

tis the season...

to get married!! weddings are everywhere i look this summer. i LOVE weddings, so i'm definitely not complaining. the thing i enjoy most about them are how the brides and grooms personalities come out, what they value and seeing how happy they are throughout the entire day. well...that and the free food ;)

the first few pics are of joel's cousin jennifer. her and her new husband have been together for about 6 years. yeah. wow! but they persevered throughout their entire dating relationship waiting until this day. and it was such an honor to be a part of their special day. this wedding has been in the works for quite some time and she did an AMAZING job of putting it all together. i don't think i've ever seen such organization from a bride during her wedding. truly inspiring!

this is jenn just as she puts her veil on that he mom made for her

can't forget the garter!!

their initials! that had to have taken some cool

oh how beautiful her cake was...and quite "delicious" (as joel would say)

cute surprise for the groom from the bride...he loves milk with his cake, so what better than a milk fountain! as a fellow milk enthusiast i was pleasantly surprised as well :)

this is my favorite part of every wedding...who cares about the groom's expression when he sees his bride for the first time...i love to see his face light up when he officially has permission to go for the garter! bow chica wow wow :) too bad everyone else is staring.

this was another great touch to her wedding. she got all the relatives on both sides to send her their wedding day pictures. this is joel's grandparents, ruth and sonny. this is only the second picture i've ever seen of sonny (he passed away when joel was real young) and can see why everyone says that joel takes after him. i especially like this picture bc joel's wedding band was sonny's that he wore he whole life. this pic reminds me how special joel being able to wear his grandfather's ring truly is.

i just love this pic of joel's parents! so young...little did they know the two sons that awaited them, haha.

the beautiful bride and her husband joseph

they didn't have a long reception bc who does after 6 years?! haha also, as you'll see in this pic, joel LOVES being that annoying guy that has about 50 petals that all get thrown on you at once. i think thats his favorite part of every wedding.

me and the hottness that i call husband (notice that i used 2 t's ;) ow!)

now for sarah's wedding! sarah's wedding was especially great bc she brought DIY to a whole new level. i wouldn't be surprised if the workers at hobby lobby knew her on a first name basis. i was in awe of all her ideas and how she pulled everything together for what she budgeted. she got married at the new bcm chapel and had her reception at none other than the LSU Faculty Club. it was cool being able to see what a reception there was like their from a guests point of view. i WISH i would have gotten more pictures of this one, but i coordinated the wedding/reception and was unable to go around like i normally do and snap shots. i had a lot of fun coordinating though, and it was great getting to hang out with both the bride and groom before their big day.

here are some pics that i was able to get:

her centerpieces were real cute. she had 3 pics on every table of her, spencer or their friends and family, and who doesn't love gerber daisies??

her cake was so awesome!! it was funfetti! oh my gosh and sooooo good. i don't know what ashley did to it, but i'm not normally a funfetti kind of girl. maybe it was the lack of feeling in my feet due to my awful high heels that enhanced the taste buds in my mouth....but it was yummy!

ah the garter. see? isn't this one of the best parts of a wedding?!? they just look so happy yet shy.

wow. the groom's cake. it was 2 cheesecakes with different toppings to choose from. choc, strawberry, caramel...oh the possibilities!

i loved how sarah never felt pressured by normal traditions or other people's opinions. she thought outside the box and decided she wanted to show one of her and spencer's engagement pics at the sign in table. i loved the color that it added to the table and how the daisies brought it out. so pretty.

and oh how she danced. i still can't get over how amazing her dress was. but i also think im a bit partial to maggie sottero, all her gowns are just so gorgeous. and only sarah could get away with polka dots on her wedding dress....just lovely.

this pic cracks me up bc its like she's ready to move on to bigger and better things ... aka the honeymoon!

and there they go....she used bubbles, which were so pretty cause the wind wasn't crazy and they actually worked...and then there joel was with about 10 bubble bottles and actually threw them at sarah and spencer as they ran by...only he would think to do that.

me and joel towards the end...can you tell i was exhausted???

so thats been my july so far. this weekend i have a wedding from one of my good friends from high school. i can't wait to see all my high school friends again even though it will only be a short visit. i love those girls. hopefully we'll get the hang out more before the summer is over...fingers crossed!

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Janee said...

I love all of these pictures! Weddings are so fun. We had bubbles at our wedding... and like Joel, my FATHER (of all people) threw bottles of bubbles at us. : )

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