June 22, 2008

xanga...snap out of it!

my old blogging ground, xanga, is desperately trying to hang on to its abandoned bloggers. recently, they've said that they are deleting spaces that are inactive bc new users have a small selection of user names. puuuuhleeez! i don't buy that for one sec. mainly bc when i followed the link to keep my blog, xanga had set it up to where i had to follow 2 steps before i could get to my site.

STEP ONE: pick a background. why?? i was perfectly happy with my original one.

STEP TWO: post something. funny though bc xanga already had what my blog was going to say, which was "i'm bringing xanga back. drop me a comment if you're with me." or something along those lines. i'm bringing xanga back?? who do they think they are talking to? all the people i know who have strayed from xanga are people who have grown up and moved on to other sites. i can promise you they aren't tweens who appreciate the "clever" spin on that annoying song sung by top hit wonder justin timberlake.

anyway! i'm sure it will only be a matter of time until they "delete" my inactive site, so i figured i'd share the link with y'all.

i started blogging there my sophomore year in college and kept up with it pretty regularly. a lot of my friends now had one too, so you could probably find theirs through mine as well. its funny to compare my thoughts then and now. its pretty much like a virtual diary. so if you're interested, feel free to check it out!

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mylovehasntgrowncold said...

haha! I still post on mine sometimes. I logged-in today and saw that you posted :) Xanga was definitely a big deal before Facebook and Myspace. I think Xanga was for all those kids (myself included) whose parents wouldn't let them get Myspaces. Then Facebook opened it's gates to the highschool world. Now a bunch of my friend's moms have it. Blogger is good enough for me :)

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