June 21, 2008

baseballs and bobbleheads

the astros. oh the astros. the next cake i will make joel will probably be a hunter pence astros cake. he LOVES them! baseball has always been my favorite sport too, but i never really had a certain professional team that i loved or cheered for. well until i met joel. when we were dating i'd always watch the games with him (anything other than watching him play HALO), but i usually feel asleep by the 8th inning. but for some reason, since we've been married, i've gotten more into the games and just the astros in general. i know their names, positions, and stats. ok, i lied about the stats, but names and positions are a HUGE step for me. joel actually quizzed me the other day and i got 8/9 right. ok, so i kinda know their names and positions.

we recently had the opportunity to go to a couple of games with a few friends from church, so of course we jumped on it. joel always told me how much fun it was to be in the stadium, eat the food, and be up close to the players. i doubted how enjoyable he said it would be, but i was so wrong! i had a blast!! the games flew by, and watching joel get so excited was completely priceless.

he was so happy to be there, he made sure we got there when the gates opened so we could get the promo items that we always see on TV before the games. we got a craig biggio helment the first night then a bobble head of roy oswalt the second. i knew he was having fun when my penny pincher of a husband spent ALL his birthday money buying super long hotdogs, peanuts, cotton candy, large cokes, nachos, frozen ice, etc. you name it; he made sure i tried it. it was such a fun trip. i wish we could go back.

here are some pics from the trip:

where we sat the first night. they were great seats, especially during the firework show after the game.

our friend cody, aka our worship leader at church, who is always a blast to hang out with. he and joel kept me laughing all weekend.

astros win!!!! this is my favorite picture from the trip. i especially crack up at brandon in the background.

the walls. such a great and fun couple to be around :) kenny leads our community group and megan heads up the ring's amazing wives's discipleship group where i learn so much every month.

the soon-to-be hays! they're getting married in less than 2 months!!! can you tell i'm excited?!? brandon plays the drums in the worship band and kate has the honor of being one of my best friends. you're welcome. and i love you. :)

our seats the second night. having the tvs for us to see was a def perk. i kept catching myself watching the tv instead of the live game. it was great for instant replays.

notice how happy joel still is after the last game. so cute.

well that about wraps it up! lets hope its the first of many astro trips.

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