July 27, 2008

date night

so i was cleaning out my blog drafts and stumbled upon this one that i wrote about a month ago...who knows why i didn't post it, but it was here it is!

i LOVE date night! i mean who doesn't?! i grew up with parents who regularly went on dates and i remember so clearly bc i was the one having to babysit. but i always thought it was so cool that as a married couple they "dated" each other. i always prayed for someone who would value that concept as well. thankfully, he came along.

today was a different date though. we didn't go on our normal evening dinner and movie date, well as least not conventionally. instead we've been talking a while about having a "double feature date." but it wasn't until this weekend when there were actually two movies that we BOTH wanted to see. this is very rare seeing that our movie taste usually is opposite. however, we both agreed on the movies and decided that matinees were the way to go. so around 1:00, we headed down to the movies conveniently down the road and bought tickets to:

it was HILARIOUS!! i heard mixed reviews bc they made the main character very intelligent unlike the original TV series, but for two people who had never seen the original, it was so great. steve carrell is one of my favorite actors and even though he basically always has the same character, it still cracks me up. the thing i liked most about the movie were all the little details they put in it to make it more entertaining. it definitely outweighed my expectations of it.

after get smart, we decided to head over to a new restaurant that is actually located right outside the theater called:

we had never been there before, so we didn't really know what to expect. we decided to sit outside bc it was FREEZING inside and we both like people watching, haha. weird? oh well. oh my goodness the food was so good. first off, their peach tea is to DIE for. i could see joel's face light up when joel asked for sweet tea and the waiter asked, "regular or peach?" haha it was great. he got the blackened tilapia, and i got the blackened chicken sandwich. both i would highly recommend. mouth is watering just thinking about it. so after we finished eating, we headed back over to buy the second ticket to:

this movie was SOOO cool. angelina jolie was born for movies like these. all the actors were pretty good in it and it made me want to go and shoot something. probably not a good thing. maybe i too am a master assassin but haven't had the training. i guess we'll never find out bc i kind of hate guns altogether. they're so loud and hurt you when you shoot. my papa used to throw water bottles in his pond and see if we could shoot them. really fun at first, but then it got old and caused more pain than fun, so i was over it. anyway...WAY off topic. overall, the movie was good, but get smart was way better. even my movie snob of a husband liked get smart over wanted.

and like always...the perfect way to end any evening is over a nice cold:

light of course with no whip. only 2 weight watchers points :) once i figured out that calorie count, there has been no looking back. i even have joel counting calories with me, haha. but its more like, "how many calories did i just have??....oh...dang...oh well!" at least i got him to stop drinking mountain dews!! yup. that's right.

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