July 29, 2008

bedroom dreaming

this is the color combo that i'm DYING to do in our bedroom. we registered for a deep red comforter set last year when we got married, but i've never been the biggest fan of red. i like it obviously cause i loved it when we got it, i've just starting getting tired of it and its only been a year...until i saw it paired with aqua, and white. ah, i just love it! so bright and pretty. this is an inspiration board from snippet & ink for weddings, but i can't help but picture this as to the solution in our red bedroom.

i found this fabric last night, but i wish it were opposite with the aqua as the background with red as the accent since our comforter is just solid red and it'd be way too much red if i used this. i just can't seem to find the right fabric. ugh.

the plan is to make a headboard with the fabric i find kind of like i did with our mantle piece but make 6 small ones and add some stuffing then make it into a grid like this:

i especially love how they have their initials above each side, and i'll probably steal this idea too. but i'd put J G cause J J might just look silly. :)

i get so excited just thinking about aqua pillows and accents around the room. and then i'd paint our old, ugly sidetables and ancient chest of drawers white to really brighten it up. can you tell i'm getting ahead of myself?? were in no place to redecorate our bedroom, but maybe we can do a little at a time. a girl can dream, can't she?

1 comment:

Lorien said...

who designed that fabric? it's GAHGEOUS!

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