June 15, 2008

chaos clipped in the bud

our dinner table at home drives me crazy! its always full of bills, coupons, and just random papers. i had enough and figured it was time to do something about it. i'm so organized at work (yeah, who would have figured??) and it just frustrates me when i come home in the evening to have the first thing that i see be the annoying messy table that never seems to stay clean. so i began searching for a solution.

i found these online on apartment therapy, another one of the blogs i read regularly, and thought they were sooo cute!

however, while they are perfect for an office, they didn't really fit with what i needed.

so i stole that idea and ran with it. i made my own clips with the help of some binder clips i had, file labels, and one of my favorite fonts:

i just love them! but i will say that these are my rough versions. i didn't have a lot of time this weekend, but i'll probably make some more when i can get a hold of some white clips and a color printer, but these will definitely do for now.

this one's my favorite. :) more so because of the feeling we get when this pile grows. now, joel will know exactly which bills need to be paid and which ones can be filed away.

i'm starting to like this whole organization thing. i find that i tend to think clearer and have less "cleaning freak outs" (as joel so nicely puts it) when everything has a place...and stays there.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I had a "cleaning freakout" the other day...Brady's room has been a mess since he was born so I couldn't take it anymore!! When you walk in you...well you can't walk in b/c there's junk everywhere! So, I freaked out and said, OK I WILL CLEAN YOUR ROOM BUT YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME A 20 MINUTE MASSAGE! He says, ... done deal.

haha! I couldn't take in anymore.

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