June 4, 2008

old soul

i've often been told that i have an "old soul." i'm not too sure of all its meaning; i just assume it means that i like old or "classic" things. i know there's another aspect to it, but that i couldn't tell you...i guess i could look it up if i was really curious.

i read snippet & ink's blog everyday and they always have "daily insipration," they are all really pretty, but this one especially caught my eye. it's def been my fav so far (maybe because of the green and black combo which is one my favs), but there's just something about all the old things brought back to life by mixing them with new ideas that i love. and plus, who doesn't love Billie Holiday?

1 comment:

Janee said...

I would love to have something like that done with old and new family photos/ photos of special meaning to the family! So pretty! (Now I might have to learn how to do some "photoshop-ing" just to do this!)

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