May 29, 2008

birthday boy

i love making a big deal about birthdays. probably because my family always did it big when my day of the year came around. i remember my mom going the whole 9 yards with my birthday parties and my dad making sure that i didn't lift a finger the whole day. so naturally when joel's bday rolls around every year, i can't help but make a big fuss.

he turned 25 on the 20th. 25! i don't know why, but that seems so old to me. anyway, i woke up an hour early and made him a big breakfast since he loves breakfast food so much and left a little note (i knew he wouldn't be getting up for a while). then i came home for lunch with his present (a stephen colbert report DVD with his fav candy). haha. i can't wait to watch it! colbert cracks us up. its the only other show on TV besides The Office where joel laughs out loud uncontrollably. but the thing i had been planning for the longest was his cake. i had big plans for his birthday besides the cake, but every weekend of may was busy (either weddings, showers, and of course the astros game...which i'll blog about later) so i'll have to save it for next year. anyway! the cake. ooooh the cake. if you know joel, you know his love of xbox360. so i made this...

of course he LOVED it and was totally surprised. we brought it to community group, and it was also well received. everyone knows about his obsession. **sidenote: this reminds me of the time when i told the group about the Addys i won for my ad designs and then joel causally mentioned that he found out he was the number one ranked HALO player in louisiana. guess which story followed in applause?? yeah, it wasn't me. :) **

anyways, it was the only time i ever baked something that was completely finished and i didn't have leftovers. but then i heard about it the whole way home, "i only got one little piece...can you bake me another cake??" and i did. it just didn't reflect his number one in louisiana sniper shooting abilities.

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