May 26, 2008

cheap. cool. craigslist.

so i found these vases and jars for $10 on the local craigslist. $10!! i would have been all over this last year, so i sent the link to a friend who's getting married on a strict budget. how cool would these be for a reception?! i LOVE the idea of mismatching vases or glasses and maybe using bright ribbon or decorative paper strips wrapped around to make them all compliment each other. i might just buy them anyway for decoration or let people use when they need a couple of vases. why do all these great ideas and sources come AFTER i got married?? haha. live, learn and pass it on i guess.

happy memorial day! i'll post some pics of all the fun we had, but for now i'm nursing my poor husband back to health. he's convinced the ballpark made him sick.

1 comment:

Janee said...

Those would be really cute decor for a reception. I'm like you- I always see cute things/come up with cute ideas AFTER the fact... with wedding stuff, and now with baby stuff too! : )

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