May 19, 2008

can i relax now?

i'm not really sure where the past weekend went? it was such a great weekend overall, but one of those weekends where you do so much and look back and realized that you didn't really have a weekend. in other words, work came WAY too early.

we had a rehearsal dinner, wedding, friends stay the night, and a shower. joel was best man in his old roommate's wedding and one of my best friends had her very first shower. both have been in the works for quite some time, so it was so exciting to see it all come together. i figured i'd share a few pics from the weekend (click on pics to enlarge).

kate and justin

me and the best man aka Toaster Extraordinaire...not a dry eye in the house (or was it just me?)

the programs i designed for justin and kate. i loved that kate handed over that responsibility to justin...he knew he was in over his head and enlisted my help, haha. i did them the week of and couldn't use color. to say the least, it was a challenge, but a fun one nonetheless :)

kate is very much an individual and instead of cake (she's not a fan), she created a candy table. i love that she did something that reflected her taste and interests. it seriously was the coolest thing i've ever seen at a wedding.

joel and scott...a deadly duo (in HALO of course) him and deidra were so much fun...we hung out, got coffee and played my new favorite game "Last Word." good times...

now on to the shower...

the theme was pink, pink and more pink. this was the invite i designed for the shower along with an "add-in" telling guests to bring a piece of fabric for a quilt that kate's sis is going to make her and brandon after the wedding. sarah made a collage of the invite and add in along with some cute stickers for the sign in table...she's so crafty and creative.

speaking of sign in table...the book wasn't there yet bc kate's grandma was giving it to her as a gift, sha. but we had a lot of fun decorating.

and this is just a stroke of genius that we stole from another shower. we had the women sign their address after they signed in, so all kate has to worry about is writing the thank you card and buying the postage. i WISH i would have seen this would have made my thank you card writing process a whole lot easier.

here is some of the fabric that the ladies brought...i can't wait to see what lorien creates!

did i mention it was a dessert shower? yummm...remember those cake balls i made?? well kate's future sis-in-law followed bakerella's cupcake on a stick tutorial and made these. cute and delicious!

here's a shot of the table, not a good one...but i loved this pic of kate and brandon, so i figured i'd share.

kate's first present...she was so excited!

my beautiful best, how things have changed since we were 15!

so that about wraps it up! obviously there are more pics and if you are still interested, you can check out my facebook where i have the rest of them.

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