April 23, 2008

new love

i have always been repulsed by bright, cheery colors. call me pessimistic. well, until now. my choice colors were dark, rich tones like deep purples, maroons, golds and browns. i don't know what did it, but i prefer dark no more! i can't wait to get rid of all our dark furniture and have been BEGGING joel to let me paint our side tables and chest-of-drawers in our bedroom white. dark is just so drab and white is, well, bright. :) and oh so clean.

maybe its just the springtime getting to me, but my new favorite accent color is, surprisingly, YELLOW! never in my life have i been a fan of what i always considered an obnoxious color. but i have officially fallen in love. not that i plan to spaz out and paint all our furniture bright yellow, but when its paired with neutral colors like woodgrain, gray, cream or white, i LOVE it! i just like that its so bold and happy.

i bought a dress a few weeks ago that is yellow and white, and i can't wear it enough! i know its a big color to wear this summer paired with gray, and maybe that's why i'm so drawn to it (because i've seen it more than ever) regardless, here are some of my favorite yellow things that have encouraged this new sunshine passion of mine:

oh, and for those of you concerned, i have entered the "itching phase" of a bad sunburn. but, i do have to say that my sunburn of the century is healing quite nicely. peeling has been minimal and it surprisingly turned into a pretty nice tan. however, i put lotion on like its going out of style and find myself slipping in my shoes as i walk and my mouse at work slips out of my hand constantly. although, my skin has never been so soft! haha.


mylovehasntgrowncold said...

yay for yellow! I am starting to like yellow myself. Their is this cute little yellow dress at Anthropologie that I want, but it's expensive :) I can't to bring myself to like any other yellow dress but that one. It is kinda pathetic. Also, my mom detests yellow. As kids, white and yellow were two colors she would not put on us. Yellow was just yuck to her, and white got stained too easily. I did go a bit against (well not "against," it just wasn't the color she would have chosen) her a few years back though, when I painted my new bedroom yellow. I didn't like yellow much, mainly because my mom didn't and I never had much exposure to it, but I love waking up to yellow. Yellow walls matched with the sunshine coming through my windows in the morning just reminds me of God's love and His joy... and of Him wrapping His arms around me and proving His love to me with that sunshine. Don't let anyone take you outta that yellow phase! :)

And I am lad your sunburn has died down. Those things are the worst! I remember seeing people in the hospital for them because they were so bad... :(

mylovehasntgrowncold said...

Thanks :) I like writing them... they are a sort of therapy for me :) Thanks. My Uncle was actually talking about going next year to if they are still doing the trips. I'm going to start praying about it now and hopefully God will have my heart in a position to minister to those people by then. And I'm going to talk to Mr. Tim about the orphanage deal on Sunday. I think He'll go for it even if it's just a few of us that go.

Yay for being able to breathe again :) I can't wait for my finals to be over so I can d the same.

Oh... only a year. That's odd. I had a hard time trying to figure it out because I was like, I know it hasn't been that long, but it feels like it has been long. I couldn't remember. But now I know :) School has my time all whacked out. Anyways, hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

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