April 20, 2008

pain brings pleasure

i have never been so sunburned as i am now. me, kendra and jamie laid out this saturday from a little before noon to 2 something, and ive already been through one bottle of aloe vera. ouch. it also doesn't help that one part of my face is red and the other isn't, haha. wonderful. i have a big pitch coming up at work on tuesday and i'm praying that peeling will be to a minimum. ugh. any tricks besides keeping lots of lotion and aloe vera on to prevent peeling will be beneficial!?!

so, on a side note. since i've been lazy and recuperating, i've had a lot of time on my hands. i love to read blogs and learn about other people's great ideas. joel calls me a voyeur, but i get inspired by seeing what other people think to make. i've been keeping a book with ideas for when we buy a house. from color palettes to furniture, i'm borderline obsessed :) yesterday, i found this idea on apartment therapy's blog and fell in love. joel has made it perfectly clear that a HALO room would be his dream when we buy a house, but i want a room for people to be able to stay and sleep. so, i found this and it seems to have solved our problem of seating for joel and friends playing HALO and then beds for people to sleep.

its basically two twin beds and those yellow foam mattresses folded in half strapped with two bands. they are lifted with legs that they added and then at night, you just move them around next to each other. so clever. consider it in my book. :)

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mylovehasntgrowncold said...

first off, I really like the layout and idea of that room. Beds/seating room is a great idea :)

Oh, we certainly miss you too!!! As far as schedule, things are a little crazy right now with finals coming up. I have papers and projects in every class right now, but I'll have a few days between the end of school and the beginning of summer daycamp. If you want me to get the girls together so we can all go have lunch or see a movie or something, just let me know :) I think it would be fun :) B-t-w, will you and Joel make 2 years this August?

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