March 25, 2013

ten months with our man

  1. He is cruising! As long as he is holding on to our hands or couch, he walks.  I can't believe that he is already taking steps.  It seems like it was only last week that he was showing signs of crawling.  Now he's getting ready to walk!  Slow down buddy!!

  2. He got his two top front teeth.  These two teeth have shown to be more painful than the bottom two--for him and me!  He is more fussy during the day and drools much more than before.  And then while he's nursing, he definitely gets me confused with how he can bite down on his bottles.

  3. He LOVES graham crackers.  We started slowly introducing him to finger foods last month and with all the foods he's tried, anytime I get out a graham cracker and break off a stick, he gets so excited and bounces up and down.  I'm convinced he would eat many sheets if I let him.  I think it serves double duty and feels good on his gums, while also tasting delicious.

  4. Music makes him so happy and calm.  This was true when he was first born and now he is beginning to be affected by it again.  Whenever I pick him up and turn on music he likes, his whole body tenses up in excitement and then he even starts to kick his legs out and bounce to the beat.  He definitely gets that from Joel because while I enjoy music, it's not something that gets me too excited.  In fact, I'd choose to listen to books on CD than music any day of the week. I know, I know...who am I??

  5. He is starting to say "mama"!  Wohoo!  Now if only he knew what it meant. :)  He says "dada" soooo much!  And I think he knows that it means Joel now.  I don't say "dada" until Joel comes home or we call him.  In fact, the other day, I heard Joel drive up, so I said, "Dada's home!" and Judah quickly looked at the door.  I couldn't believe it!  Now, he'll look at Joel and  just say, "da da da da" all. the. time.  I'm so jealous!

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