February 6, 2013

new letters

Today was a day that Joel had been dreading/looking forward to for almost 4 years.  It was finally time to take his final exam--his licensing test!

We thought he had more time to study, so it all kind of snuck up on him.  He had to jump through a lot of hoops just to be able to schedule his test, so when he finally got the email and link to do so...he saw that there was only one opening and it was less than a week away.  Ah! Thankfully, he had been studying on and off for a couple weeks, but he knew he had to use the next 5 days to study two weeks worth of information.

It was a 4-hour test and just from reading off questions to quiz him, I cannot even imagine having to sit there and answer correctly, paragraph after paragraph or pretend situation after situation.  There were a number of words in the questions that I honestly had a hard time pronouncing!

Joel took a 4-hour practice test yesterday that he did really well on, so I think that gave him some confidence and he felt prepared. I was amazed at the thickness of books and intensity of the questions, but time after time, I would ask a question (not even entirely sure of the words that I was reading) only to watch him talk each one out, eliminating options based on theories that he knew, and then arrive at the correct answer.

This is his "give me your best taking the test" face.

So to get him even more prepared for his big day, I did some research on good foods to eat and snack on leading up to a big/long test.  I can't ever pass up the opportunity to make a treat bag and coordinating tag, so I dubbed his basket of goodies "brain food" and left it for him to find this morning. 

To download the tag above, click on one of the links below:
(pdf to print as is or gif to insert into Word or a design program and add your message with a cute font):
pdf  |  gif

Soooo I finally got the call at around 5pm and learned that HE PASSED!!!

I've always thought that Joel was gifted in many areas, but after helping him study and listening to his reasoning, I can honestly say that his mind is wired for counseling and understanding how the mind and emotions work and play into people's actions and motives.

I guess it's time for a new name plate because he officially has a new set of letters following it. I'm bursting with pride at his talent and determination and what this means for his career and passions.

Congratulations love!  You did it!!

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Katie said...

Congrats to your hubs for passing! Love the printable but the link to download has to 'request access' Beau takes the bar this week - this would be perfect.

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