November 17, 2012

sweet potato special

Judah had his first real solid food this week!  In honor of the upcoming holiday, I chose sweet potatoes.  :) We've been doing rice cereal for the last couple weeks, but it wasn't until he tried a food that I would actually eat that I considered him an official solid food eater.

He wasn't quite sure how he felt about it at first.
He's a fan. :)
 He LOVES meal time and always grabs the spoon while we are trying to feed him.  And then, of course, his whole fist usually ends in the mix as well.  It is sooo gross, haha. But he just smiles away.

The sweet potatoes smell really bad,  but they actually taste pretty good.  Very surprising.  As you can tell in the pics, half of it usually ends up on him (and us), so bath-time eventually follows.

Check please!
Next up on the menu for tomorrow: carrots!

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