November 19, 2012

day date

Every month, Joel and I are able to slip away for some original JG quality time.  The hardest part about having Judah was getting used to sharing our time with someone new. (How awful does that sound??)  Since we had almost 5 years of just us, it was quite the adjustment, but one that we would happily make over and over again for him.  Not a day goes by that we don't look at each other and say, "Man, I just love that boy so much."

So this month, we decided to go to St. Francisville for the day and explore the city a bit.  Our first stop was Magnolia Cafe (what else?)

 Joel went with the fried oyster po-boy and I couldn't resist the Thanksgiving lunch special aka diet killer.

And yes, they tasted as good as they looked. I also managed to work up enough self-control to only eat a little--in fact, so little that the waiter asked if everything was ok with it, haha.  I was full though!

Then we drove around and came back to a little antique shop next to Magnolia Cafe that my grandmother has a little shop in. I don't know why I was surprised at the amount of stuff she had, but I could tell that she has been quite busy.

Next up we decided to go checkout a plantation. St. Francisville has a few to choose from and eventually we'd like to visit them all, but we didn't have a lot of time so we went with one that Joel knew a little bit about--Oakley Plantation. We didn't have plans to go in, but once we got there, we thought, "Why not?"

We learned a lot of interesting facts and I am always so amazed when I try to imagine all the things the tour guide talked about happening so close to where we live. I also had no idea that Audubon, who tutored the youngest girl here for four months, shot and killed the birds before he painted them so beautifully (and later famously).  But part of the plantation has open trails where Audubon would hunt the birds after his lessons, so of course we had to check those out as well.

"This would make an awesome disc-golf course."

I was explaining to Joel that I was unaware of all the snakes and it was getting time to turn around. :)

"Just a little further..."

So not the best shoe choice for this spontaneous adventure.

Jealous of my $5 Walgreen glasses? I like to think that I'm channeling the 80s and all the grandmothers in a 10-mile radius when I'm wearing them.

Pure cheese.  But oh so necessary.

This was my favorite picture from all day. 

Loved this tree.  It was the last big one until the big opening showing the plantation.  Just gorgeous.
So that was our date!  It was a great time and we did something that we wouldn't have normally done.  As much fun as we had together, we couldn't help but leave talking about how much fun it will be to bring Judah back when he's older for all the holiday festivities that they have.  :)

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