November 27, 2012

picnic in the park

We had SUCH a fun time introducing Judah to his first picnic and park.  He is going to love being so close to a fun place--I know we are!

Pretty much the second Judah woke up from his morning nap around 12pm, we grabbed him and our lunch and drove down the road to the park.  It was sunny where the swings were, but we were prepared!  Thanks to Erin for his cool shades. :)  And the little boys section was seriously lacking in cool boy hats this past summer--come on Target! Sorry 18-year-old Judah who has to look back on these pics with your silly hat.

I have so much to learn with my new camera--I didn't even think to change the settings until it was too late. :(  All the pics are so blown out, but live and learn!

Next up was lunch.  I love, love picnics and sandwiches always seem to taste better when you're eating them outside on a blanket.  Plus, Judah loves playing outside and we were more than happy to oblige.



He wasn't quite sure how he felt about sliding, so I guess that just means we'll have to come back and try again! We have a few more parks to try out, but I'm glad Judah was a fan of our first pick. I always loved going to park as a kid, and I hope Judah will as well.

1 comment:

malary said...

the pic with him on joel's shoulders and his eyes closed is so cute!!!! priceless!!!

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