November 23, 2012

Judah's 1st Thanksgiving

We survived his first Thanksgiving! It's already difficult to juggle multiple family functions as a couple, but with a baby, let's just say it can be even more of a challenge. We're slowly learning how to manage it all and Thanksgiving day turned out to be such a great day.

This was one of the only pics I got all day of him with family, so I thought I would share the ones we got before heading out since I didn't trust myself to take any later in the day.  He didn't get either of his full naps in (notice his lack of smiles in the pics to follow as a result of a morning nap cut short) so he was uncharacteristically fussy most of the day, but that could have something to do with him being passed around like a hot potato too.  ;)

One holiday down, one to go!  While we have a busy month ahead, we're excited for the craziness that is to come of Christmas.  So far we have 10 events and counting to go to and if I think about it too long or look at my December calendar, I start to hyperventilate, haha.  But it's by far my favorite holiday, so I'm excited to introduce it to Judah and spend time with friends and family.

Bring it on December!

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