October 12, 2012

painting pumpkins

A few weeks ago, I attended my very first pumpkin painting party!  I've been to my fair share of pumpkin carving parties, but I always leave with a weirdly misshapen jack-o-lantern because I'm not great with a knife.  But a pumpkin painting party was waaaay more up my alley!

Our hostess with the mostess, Eryn, had stations set up and provided us with paint, modge podge, foam brushes and polka dot brushes, and snacks. She even made us all cups--it was so cute! :)

It was such a fun night and inspired me to decorate my house for fall this year.  I always mean to get pumpkins and fall decor but never do because I always forget or else I am already spending too much at the store when I remember.

As I was waiting for my first pumpkin to dry, I snapped a few pics to see what everyone else was doing--they all came out so great!

Beth and Eryn in the zone

Ali, Kameryn, and Whitney
This was such a cute one!  I think Ali painted about 7 pumpkins that night, haha

Sarah and Amie

My painted pumpkins! (minus the cute polka dot one)

Gotta love this girl--I didn't even know she grabbed my camera until a day later. :)

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