October 9, 2012

happy fall!

It's officially my favorite season!!  I got my candle burning, pumpkins painted, and now my wreath is up!  I didn't do one last year and regretted it all season, so this year I had mine up by October 1st. It wasn't what I planned on, and I only had a small time-frame, but I'm so happy with how it came out.

Total time spent putting it together and hanging it up was 8-10 minutes and nothing is hot-glued.  Wreaths don't have to be difficult! I bought three stems (two of the yellow and one of the mini pine cones) and just stuck them all in there and tied a ribbon around it.

I do plan on modge podging the ribbon and then will tie it again, so it's a more sturdy ribbon and not so floppy.  But like I said, I just wanted it up!

Happy Fall!

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