October 1, 2012

freebie [post baby back to work basket]

Today my sweet friend, Shannon, goes back to work after having her little boy in July.  She teaches at a local private school and, like all moms who have to go back to work, is sad about having to leave her little one with someone else.

After experiencing this feeling firsthand, I thought the occasion called for a basket of goodies to help Shannon make the transition.  Looking back, it was such a terrible day and I know something like this would have helped cheer me up or at least got me excited about this new season of being a working mom.  :)

I hope Shannon is able to enjoy her new schedule and soak up every moment she can with her precious baby boy. I know I can't get home fast enough to scoop Judah up in my arms and see his smile.  So if you know Shannon, send her a text or email today and let her know you're thinking of her--those texts I got from everyone giving me encouragement were such moments of joy in the midst of aching (not to sound too dramatic--but it was so true!).

And if you don't know Shannon but you have your own friend who is about to have to make the transition back to work, feel free to use this printable and make your own basket!
Click here to download the pdf.

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