September 28, 2012

five months with our man

  1. Little booger won't sleep!  I think the honeymoon phase is officially over, haha.  He was such an amazing night sleeper up until he turned 4 months.  In fact ever since the hurricane, he hasn't slept for longer than a 6-hr. stretch, and that's a lucky night.  We've been told that it's most likely due to the growth spurt that happens around 4 months, but I am ready to get some sleep! He normally wakes up about an hour and a half to two hours after we put him down for the night; he then wakes up around 1 am or 2 am and then again around 4 am or 5 am.  And every time he wakes up, he screams bloody murder--whew! I never thought I would think sleeping until 7 am would be sleeping in--how times have changed. :)

  2. He loves playing on the floor now. Up until recently, he wouldn't want to be on the ground at all, which is why a lot of my pictures are on the bed or him in the swing.  He still likes the swing, but really enjoys playing with all his toys spread around him, and he loves to bury his face into his blanket while he's on his belly.

  3. He started formula.  See my post below for a more thorough explanation. He did come home with a rash that lasted for a few hours after his last formula bottle that first day, which had me calling the doctor to see what the heck it was.  They said it probably wasn't related to the formula we're using since its so close to breastmilk and to just watch it.  It wasn't there the next morning, and he didn't seem to get it again.  So maybe it was heat rash?  Who knows.

  4. He has begun making the funniest noises.  In addition to his usual "coos" and "ahhs," he's started making this high pitched noise that make us laugh so much. We also could swear that he's saying "hey" when we prompt him, haha. He also is consistently laughing, which I wish I could just bottle and take to work with me.

  5. We bit the bullet and bought a jumperoo.  I was torn on whether to buy this since our doctor said that the only exercise he needs is tummy time.  I also spent a couple days researching them and reading articles and blogs on how they and excersaucers can delay walking, cause weird muscle development, and poise other risks.  But then I realized how overprotective and crazy they all started to sound.  Plus Judah absolutely loves the jumperoo at Ms. Meagan's, so that's when I decided to just go ahead and get one. I'm obviously not going to keep him in there for hours on end while I sit on the couch and eat bon bons, but I will be able to cook and clean easier since his interest is fading in his bouncer and swing. I think 15-20 minutes in a toy that he absolutely loves will be just fine. And if he walks later than would--who says that's such a bad thing?? haha

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