August 2, 2012

Our free photobook!

Ok, so not really "free."  But the "free photobook" promotion that I received in my email allowed me to make my own hardcover photobook for $14 with shipping.  Normally with shipping, it would have been around $45, so I was super excited to say the least.  I've never done one of these online photobooks, mainly because they all look so generic with cheesey themes, BUT from the ones I've seen friends do and the ones offered on shutterfly, I quickly changed my tune.  There were sooo many great options and even great fonts too!  I had fun designing it, but it took me longer than I would have thought because I kept trying to use shortcuts associated with the adobe creative suite. :)

I decided to use the pictures from our birth as a present for Judah one day (and us--let's be honest).  I hope he'll be able to see how great his entrance into the world was and all the people who were there waiting in anticipation.

So the moral of this story is:  if you get a promotion for a free photobook, use it!  And you'll have fun doing it too.

If you want to see our photobook, click on the picture below, or to view it larger, click on the "full screen" link.  (Also if you're reading this from google reader, you gotta come on over to view it.)


1 comment:

Ashley said...

Love! Love! Love! And even better when it's a free deal! :)

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