July 28, 2012

three months with our man

  1. He started going to daycare.  Waaaaaah! Saying I was a mess the night before I went back to work doesn't even begin to explain it.  I pretty much wept for and hour straight while lying in bed trying to get some sleep.  Poor Joel was great and such a good comforter, but there was no prayer he could pray or thing he could say to make it any less hard than it was.  It felt like my heart was literally breaking.  But Judah had no idea what was going on because, let's face it, he wasn't phased in the slightest.  Meagan, our sitter in the neighborhood, could not be more of an answered prayer.  She keeps Joel's college roommate's baby and now she has Judah--she's sooo wonderful! The fact that she sends pictures and updates throughout the day keeps me sane and happy.  It's only been one week, but I really am enjoying my new schedule. And while I have to wake up at 4:30 a.m. just to get it all ready for the day, it doesn't feel any different to me than a normal day in the past.  Working three days a week and being home with him four days is such an unbelievable gift.  We are so, so grateful.

  2. Judah's been talking. Well his version of talking that is.  We will say something to him and he responds to us with his own coos and ahhs.  One thing he does say constantly is "ahhh-ewww," so when we say that to him, he'll usually grin or say it back.  The things you find yourself doing and saying with a baby make you laugh so much.  I'm just glad no one is around to see the faces I make and things I say.  :)

  3. He semi-laughs now.  I say semi because it's not a full on laugh, but more of a laugh you do before you start chuckling--like a breathing in laugh. (I don't even know if that makes sense.) Funny story: I come home from the grocery store one day and Joel informs me that he did this for the first time.  A normal response would be, "Oh wow! That's so great! Let's see if he'll do it again for me."  But a highly emotional, sleep-deprived Jenny response was, "Boohoohoohooohooo!!" I just started crying! I could tell by the look on Joel's face that he didn't know if he should laugh or apologize.  Obviously I was more than excited that Joel finally got to be the first to experience something for Judah, and I honestly don't know what came over me.  Looking back, I think it made me think about some of the firsts I may miss at daycare, and it made me sad.  But now I have the perspective that I still get to experience it firsthand for myself and that's all that really matters. A few days later, I cried like a crazy woman again after hearing him do his semi-laugh for me, while changing his diaper (which he always loves!)

  4. He sucks on his fists all the time now.  He won't take a pacifier, but he will suck on his entire fist. Thankfully he appears to be a great self-soother and will go to sleep on his own after putting him down, but I usually hear this sucking sound on the monitor.  He used to wear gloves to bed, so his hands would stay warm, but when I would get him in the morning they were soaked, haha. I just think it's funny that he doesn't suck his thumb or a couple fingers, but his entire fist. 

  5. He grabs things and likes to touch things.  Mainly he grabs my hair when I'm lying next to him and my shirt collar when he's nursing (this is my fav!) We've been working with him to hold his rattle and a few other things, so when he finally did, we just clapped and cheered--he smiled so big and then dropped it. He loves grabbing this big stuffed frog that my mom bought him.  We've named him Mr. Froggie and Judah smiles so big at him and grabs his hands and touches his face constantly. It's so great to watch him explore.

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