January 9, 2012

growing gilbert [24 weeks]

I still can't believe I'm pregnant sometimes.  It's such a surreal feeling to look in the mirror and see my stomach bulging and my belly button fighting to maintain its presence.  I feel so great and can hardly remember the misery of the first trimester.  This is why people have so many kids--you forget how terrible the terrible things about pregnancy are and quickly dwell in the little kicks you feel throughout the day and knowing that God is forming a new person to add to this world--the other stuff just seems trivial.  This whole process is truly beyond my scope of comprehension, but I am so very grateful to be allowed this time. 

I have been a little stressed though and last night's sermon really hit home for me.  I know I have 4 more months and will get everything done, but the more things that I seem to add to my plate, the more I worry about what isn't done,  whether it's design projects, nursery things, work to-do lists, etc., all of it together has me feeling very heavy.  Thankfully I have my very own live-in counselor to get me through my semi-panic attacks, and I go to a church that helps me realign my anxiousness and realize that I should be turning to my primary Counselor first and foremost.  A few things that made me think twice about my stresses that were talked about last night:
  • "In the kingdom of God, we get to know the king."
  • "Don't give into emotional reactions--ask the Lord first."
  • "In prayer, remind God of who He is, tell Him what's going on, explain how you feel about it, and wait/listen on the Lord."
  • "Even His silence is a response."
  • "Boldly approach His throne of grace with confidence."
  • "Live at His feet."
Those were just a few things I pulled from it that weren't new concepts (except the first two--had never heard it put that way), but spoke so loudly to me in the midst of my stress. I was so thankful for the reminder to say the least and am looking forward to reacting in these ways when something comes my way or I am dealing with a situation.

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Eryn Unglesby said...

You've grown so much in 4 weeks! Yay! You look great. Really!

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