August 17, 2011

summer lovin'

DISCLAIMER:  For some reason, I never posted this post.  It's quite ironic because a few weeks after this vacation we learned that the Gilberts were going to be growing!  Sorry for the four-month pause in blogging, but I will be resuming it now that I have energy again and I'm not hugging a toilet anymore.  The last thing I want is to neglect this blog baby of mine in the midst of such a great life moment as we make adjustments for our first Gilbert baby.  I also promise to limit my baby posts to once a month(ish). :)


I am having such a great summer!  I feel like this is the first summer in a long time that I actually feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  Maybe it's the break I took in design?  Or slowing down in general to read more?  Could be the great and fun trips we've had (and yet to have) this summer? Or maybe all of the above??  

Either way, one thing I look forward to most is celebrating our anniversary.  I'm so grateful that we've both made an effort to make our anniversary memorable.  Whether it's playing tourist in our city or hitting the beach, I love looking forward to knowing that we will set aside a weekend to celebrate and reflect on another year of gilberthood.

This year, Joel found a great little condo at the beach that we fell in love with!  We can't wait to go back over the years.

Joel spent the majority of his time "exploring" with his goggles

and I spent my time catching up my tan and summer reading list

At night, we sat on the balcony, ate in, and then
one night at our favorite restaurant in town; the best part
was walking up and down the beach each night.

I'm sad summer is coming to an end, but having an anniversary in August always makes the last few days of summer even more special.

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