June 1, 2011

28 years young

Last month, we celebrated Joel's 28th birthday!  Here are some highlights from his birthday week. Yes, birthday week.  I think birthdays are such a special time and like to celebrate them to the fullest--this usually means week-long festivities!  To kick it off, I figured I would start the post with a glimpse into his younger years.  :)

 [red is still his favorite color to wear]

 [let the birthday festivities begin!]

 [this is joel stepping toward the direction of his generation with his first ipod]
 [and this pot was too pretty to pass up--he's taken quite a liking to
plants and gardening in his old age]

 [hooking it all up]

[birthday baseball game]

[i surprised him and the team with some specially made cups for their water]

   [the morning of his bday, justin (his old college roommate and now neighbor)
tied this to our mailbox for the whole neighborhood to know...
joel quickly took it down once he saw in fear of attention]

 [joel's birthday cake and banner!  i bake his favorite every year (yellow cake/choc. icing)--i also gave a spin at the ruffle trend.  that's manly, right?]

 [for his birthday, he requested a special riskapades game blowout.  food, dessert, and an all night game--you should check out the videos--you'll get to see a different side of the bday boy]

[and this game continued until the wee hours of the morning--
there also may have been live stream involved]

well that was it!  i was bad about documenting all of it; i'll do better next year. i still can't believe how close my husband is to 30!!  when did that happen??


Ashley said...

First, look at you, Ms. Fancy Pants with the ruffled cake icing! I'm so proud! Did you get that idea from Bakerella, cause I saw it recently and thought I'd like to try it. :)

Also, seeing Joel's baby pic made me really excited about what your kids are gonna look like. They don't get much cuter than that!

-Ashley B.

Valerie said...

Awww I love birthday week!! Nice ruffle cake. You are so multitalented!

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