February 25, 2011

good read [how about orange]

Most of you, I'm sure, already have this blog on your reader.  But for those of you who don't, subscribe now!  How About Orange, was the very first blog I found.  Can you believe it?  I now follow over 300, but at one time, this was the only one I would check.

Remember this little project?  Well at the time, I was searching the web for a tutorial on how to do a fabric spread piece for our mantle about 3 years ago, and found this.  After that, I became obsessed with blogs and DIY projects.

Since 2007, the blog has morphed into an even bigger source of DIY projects, time-wasters, and tutorials; she seriously has it all.  If you're looking for a blog that has tons of things to make or discover the latest freebies from other blogs and websites, then this is your blog. Happy reading!

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