November 23, 2010

turkey time

yes, i've been a very bad blogger.  and no, this isn't a real post.  i just came across this today and thought it was too cute (and perfectly cheesy) not to share.  i wanted to post it on twitter, but since my loving husband "forgets" to read my blog and is an active participate on twitter, i figured this was the safest place to post it (since you know once i post this, i will be printing it out for myself).

i love things like this!  when i went out of town this summer, i downloaded vol. 25's notes and left them all over the house for him to find while i was gone.  it was super fun for me, and he even admitted how much he loved finding them and that he started to look for more after a while.

i hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and takes some time to reflect on all our blessings and things to be thankful for.  i know i have way more than i can count.

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