July 13, 2010

weekend happenings

so two of my best friends have recently joined blogland are putting me to shame with their frequent posts! in an effort to post at least once a week, i'm going to try my best to document the everyday things. and what better way than to track my weekend happenings? we'll see how long this lasts. :)

on friday, this guy showed up with these guys. i can only think of a few things that make him more excited than when he has a game of risk to look forward to. the boy lives for anything that has to do with strategy or competition--we couldn't be more opposite when it comes to games.

while he was finding new ways to dominate the world, i was catching up on design work and wrapped this little beauty to deliver to it's owner. seeing people's reactions after handing over the final product reminds me of why i do what i do. it's seriously one of the best feelings ever.

on saturday, i went to wives group where we talked about having a critical spirit. man oh man, do i struggle with this one. i took lots of notes to say the least. but during group, joel won the best husband award (yet again) and went to pick up this headboard. for only $10, it was too cute to pass up. thank you craigslist. i spent a good part of the afternoon sanding and cleaning it only to have it POUR when it came time to paint. ugh. i plan on painting it "heirloom white" and maybe putting a fun fabric where the mesh is. i'm not a fan of the mesh, but we'll see after it's painted. i LOVE the curves and details! i'll be sure to post an after pic.

so because of the rain, the ring softball game got canceled. but since so many people were already there before they called it, the guys decided to play "pull the trigger." i wouldn't even know how to explain it, but the guys seemed to have fun. the best part about joel playing softball (aside from watching joel do his thang of course :)) is that i get to hang out with all the girls on the sidelines. it's been such a blast; i'm so sad the summer league is already over. :(

and i'd have to say the highlight of my weekend was that natalie came for a weekend visit. we woke up on sunday, drank cappuccinos (because the gilberts are that fancy), and then went shopping. shopping proved to be a bust so we decided to go see the latest chick flick, eclipse. it was just so great to have her in town and not have any other plans than just hanging out. she is one of the funniest people i know, and it was just a great time full of serious talk, sarcasm, and catching up.

why can't every day be a weekend? :)


Valerie said...

Can we say jealous??
Mostly of Nan getting hang out time with you but sort of of that AMAZING HEADBOARD!!

katehays23 said...

I second Val...I'll be looking for the weekly updates! LOve you! :)

Trent said...

I'm flying down now finding where you live and stealing that headboard! Okay. Maybe We've been looking for the perfect one for FOREVER and it happened to wind up with you. Jealous. Can't wait to see the update!

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