June 9, 2010

must have [calligraphy stamp]

i wish i could have seen my reaction when i saw these on fabulous k yesterday morning. eyes wide, mouth open...gotta have it! the seller, patricia mumau, has these in her etsy shop Primele along with many other a-mazing things.

now that we're settled and have our own home sweet home, i've been on the search to find the perfect return address method. i'm very picky to say the least when it comes to all things paper, but the minute i saw these stamps, i bought them. i've NEVER made such an impulse purchase before, but these are simply fabulous. beautiful calligraphy. easy. the best option i've seen. and supportive of pure talent. it was almost like i couldn't NOT buy it. :)

i have no other words for them, so i'll let the pics speak for themselves.

i think the best part about these is that you can change up the feel with different colored envelopes and even the color ink you use. so many options!!! these are going to be the longest 10 days of shipping ever.


Natalie Claire Met said...

OOOO i want one!
Now, can you use it for bills or just pretty stuff?? :)

Valerie said...

Aaaah! I just posted about her Wednesday too! She is definitely my favorite. I so wish I could afford her doing my wedding invitations!

Janee said...

I love Fabulous K, and I LOVED this link! I want one when we FINALLY get to build & move to our new house... I want one for my classroom... I want one with Parker's name. Ha.

Trent said...

how and dara were just looking at these a few days ago....we're moving apartments soon, so i think this is a must have!

Chelsea said...

What a good idea. I've never thought of stamps for return address. Hmmm.

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