November 30, 2009

LSU forever

yesterday joel and i spent some time walking around campus. we love LSU's campus because of what it means to us. in college, when we were just friends and eventually dating, we would always find ourselves on campus just walking around, sipping coffee, and talking about dreams and aspirations. it's only fitting that certain spots on campus have a particularly special meaning to us. so because of this, we decided that we wanted to incorporate a few of our favorite places into our home. after narrowing it down, we decided to take pics of the following three places that we will frame and display in our new house. :) it was so fun walking around and reminiscing so without further adieu:

this is where joel put the moves on me for the first time. we went out for coffee one night at charlies (RIP highland location--you are missed) then he brought me to this bench in front of the clocktower and kissed me. it was completely out of nowhere, but joel insists to this day that i was giving him "the look."

this is sooo out of order, but we didn't decide to date until months later. many of you know the story, but it took some convincing on my part bc i was very closed off and scared of dating someone that i cared for so deeply b/c i didn't want to get hurt. so one night, he drove us to this spot by CEBA--now Patrick Taylor--(after three days of him asking me to be with him and me saying no). he got out of his truck, came around, and asked me to be his girlfriend one last time. something about that night and the way he looked at me, i knew that i wouldn't be taking a risk by saying yes. so this is the spot where i finally agreed to be his girlfriend. thank God for his persistence. :)

and....five months later....we were on a date like any other night and then stopped by the clocktower like we normally did (our favorite spot, hands down) and all of a sudden he was on one knee. out came the most beautiful ring and he proceeded to make me the happiest girl ever. :)

so those were the ones we picked! i'll post a pic once they are printed and framed, but these will have to do for now.

also i couldn't be on campus and NOT take a pic of where i spent 99% of my time during college. so many deadlines, late nights, and coffee runs. good times :) i'll probably put this in my office sometime soon.


Lebraix said...

great pics! they are going to look great in your house.

Amanda Causey said...

what a great idea! I've been wanting to do the same thing for our house but I've been too busy taking pictures of other people haha!I love your editing also... PW?

Karla and Edmond Long said...

HI Jenny! This is Karla Prestridge, Bill's sister. I found your blog a while back and have enjoyed getting caught up on your life. This is just the sweetest post and a very neat idea!! Thanks for sharing!

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