August 6, 2009

2 years! i can't even believe how fast it has gone by; i feel like we just celebrated our 1 year. we decided to try a restaurant that we've never been to--bravo! i've heard mixed reviews, but we both loved it! we took our time eating, people watched, got coffee, and looked back on our last two years. talking about our favorite highlights was so fun bc i was surprised to learn that our best memories weren't the same, haha. who knew?

after eating, we killed some time in the mall before getting dessert (half off at menchies after 9 M-Th! :) ) then went to borders to read where the wild things are from the kid section. the movie looks like its going to be really good. menchies was so packed by the time we got there, but we managed to squeeze by and get the deliciousness of yogurt and fruit for a grand total of $3! man, i love that place (kate, shout out!).

overall, it was such a nice evening full of great memories and laughing, and i tried my best to soak in as much as possible. i am so, so thankful for every moment that i have joel in my life, and i think anniversaries are an especially great time to vocalize that if you don't everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Y'all are cute. I love to see how much y'all enjoy each other and celebrate these milestones. And Joel I must say that beard is coming in nicely!

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