July 29, 2009

list love

hi. my name is jenny, and i'm a list-o-holic. i can't get enough of lists or notepads that are so cute that make me think of lists to create just so i can write on them. currently on my desk at work, i have about three coordinating notepads and a super cute "to-do" list that i found online. they just make me happy. recently, i discovered how to make my own notepads, and i wanted to try one out myself. i figured the one we needed most at home was a grocery list. at the apartment, we had a special notepad we used and a certain place to put it. now that we're in the house, i had to think of another solution since i'm trying my hardest to keep our counters clutter free. so here's my little "how to" if you want to make one too:

design two on one sheet, print at home or local print shop (kinkos, office depot, etc.), and cut.

line up papers and cardboard backing (i used the back of an old yellow memo pad from college and cut it to notes from media law survived the move is beyond me). hold together with binder clips (i'm sure you could use books stacked on each other as well...just make sure the ends are lined up).

break out the rubber cement...if you don't have any on hand, it's only $3 at hobby lobby. however, i've heard that padding compound works way better...just a little fyi.

apply two coats on top.

go clean up the mess you've made so far while you let it dry.

tear off the first sheet because it's gluey and gross (i attached a messed up sheet, but a normal sheet of paper cut to fit would work too).

attach to fridge with magnet or leave on counter, then stand back and soak up it's beauty.

you're probably thinking "what's the big deal?" but let me tell you that a grocery list nearby is a must. i've always written down an item as i need it instead of just sitting down and writing a long grocery list before we go to the store. it cuts down on impulse buys (for me at least) and lets me know what i have on hand without having to search.

i really like how it came out and can't wait to start using it. i have so many other ideas for lists, but i must pace myself. i think my next list will be our "bill list" that i created. it's organized by month and has all our bills listed by the company with the due date next to it. we normally check them off as they get paid each month, so we both know which bills still need to be paid and to remind each other if the due date is approaching. it works like a charm, but now that we have a few more bills to add to the list, it needs to be redone. yay for me! what other list ideas are out there?? i should start a list...


Valerie said...

You're so crafty! This is a great idea. Very impressed.

ashley h said...

i love it! the other day i saw our secretary making phone message pads out of our old business cards flipped over. she kept adding layers of rubber cement and i had no idea what she was doing :) yours are wayayaya cuter.

Janee said...

I love this!!! i SO want to do this... my only problem is the "design your notepad part."

Having said that... I'd really like to get the "teacher appreciation personalized notecards" from you on Etsy! Would it be easiest just to order them through there? Also- what kind of paper do you recommend printing them on, and where do you recommend going to be the most cost-friendly??

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