July 4, 2009

school's out forever

so i'm way behind on posting as most of you know. but i wanted to share some pics of joel's recent graduation. we are officially done with higher education!!! **insert shouts of joy here**

this past may, joel graduated (again) from LSU...and added another diploma to our shelf. he received his masters in social work, and i can't express how proud i am of him for all his hard work and perseverance over the years. i thought four years was tough, but he stuck it out another two and finally walked the stage to receive a diploma one last time. during graduation, they urged the spouses to stand and be recognized for all the support and encouragement (not to mention the countless 10-page reports edited at all hours in the night) given to the grads. i have to admit that i got a little choked up because his masters graduation was something we looked forward to since we got married. seeing him clapping and smiling at me was a great moment that made me realize just how far we have come and how blessed we are. i never would have imagined us making it on what we had and having such a great time doing it.

since graduation, he started his first job (the monday after), was invited to come back to be a guest lecturer for one of his old professor's summer classes, and is starting baton rouge christian counseling in the next few months to do on the side. he still has to accumulate clients, but we are very excited about the opportunities that await him.

so here are some pics that i posted on facebook a while back; i know some of you don't have a facebook account, so enjoy!


Ashley said...

Fresh Strawberry Cake!...Yum!

Raquel said...

So happy for y'all!

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