June 10, 2009

jen & ink

hello all! sorry for my lack of posting recently, but i have been so busy working on design stuff after work, freelance editing on the weekends...oh and trying to help joel get everything in order for us to buy a house!!! i am happily busy and am loving where God is taking us next. we were so indecisive on where we wanted to live but once we decided on the location, the rest just seemed to fall into place. now that most of the housing drama (it was NOT an easy process) is mostly over, i had a few projects underway that i wanted to share, but i still need to get those organized so i can post them. for now, you'll just have to settle new logo!

it just hit me a couple months ago. i'd been struggling with ideas, fonts, and colors for it for some time. i am so indecisive when it comes to what i want for myself that i just have been avoiding it altogether. i love how it came out, and i hope you do too. :) i have a few tweaks that i need to make, but for now this is the general direction i am going.

i also finally decided to open up an etsy shop (which is actually a better representation of the new logo) and bite the bullet. setting up the shop has taken longer than i thought, but i'll be adding more items slowly but surely (baby announcements and wedding invites to be exact). i figure that i'll send an e-mail out once i'm completely done, but i just wanted to share my progress for all those interested and who are asking. i love doing design projects on the side and never would have thought that i would be as busy as i am now, and for that i'm so grateful.

i also started another blog strictly dedicated to my design work/crafts last year, but now i am going to try and update my design work there instead of here and keep this blog more about me and joel and our daily life and experiences. keyword: try. :) so that's where i'm at right now, and i will keep everyone updated on my progress and how all the housing stuff goes. i'm so excited! have i mentioned how much i LOVE this house?!? somebody pinch me. :)


Janee said...

ADORABLE etsy shop! I loved Trace's birthday invites too!! Next baby I have or party I throw... I'm totally going to hire you instead of stressing myself out! : )

Lorien said...

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! i'm SO excited for you! i don't know if it's the house of the amazing etsy shop. i cannot wait until you stock that baby full of gorgeousness! i love it jenny!! yay for being awesome!

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