October 9, 2008

lunchbox craving

so i'm on my lunch break right now at my ever so wonderful new job (post coming up real soon on how much i love it :) ), and i'm realizing how beneficial a lunch box or bag would suite me right now. I bring all my food and what not in my purse, which is just annoying bc its already so full of other things that don't need to be there.

*side story: yesterday some co-workers invited me to go have lunch with them, i gladly said yes, and then as i was going to grab my purse...i feel a stab in my finger. turns out it was a needle with thread attached to it caught in my zipper! how that got my from sewing kit to my purse zipper i will never know.

anyway! i did a little search on etsy seeing what they have to offer, and then it caught my eye. the beauty of all lunch bags,(insert angelic music here)...

isn't she gorgeous just sitting there in the sunlight waiting for something to fill her and give her meaning?? i would like to be that someone...if she would have me.

maybe its amy butler that i'm so obsessed with, but regardless, i LOVE this bag. i want it. i need it. oh baby. oh baby.

hello birthday list!


Lorien said...

YOU can make that! OMG, that fabric. ooooooh, that fabric. jessica made the swing back out of the bright one(is it the gothic print....the name, i can't remember) and i used that other fabric in my amy butler brickpath quilt. oooooh, amy, i love you.

Raquel said...

Love the bag. You gotta make this. Did you get your sewing machine yet? I finally got mine working and have been doing simple stuff. I'm going to buy some bumble bee fabric and try to make an apron for Thanksgiving. We'll see how it goes.

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