October 23, 2008

front page alias

joel and i were together for about a year before “dante” made his first appearance. we were at his apartment, and i overheard him making a reservation under the name dante. but what surprised me what that he said it with a straight face, like its nothing new.

there was another instance when we went out to eat with a few friends, and i went up to the hostess and asked where joel’s table was. she looked at the list, and by the puzzled look on her face, i knew he had done it again. so i hesitantly asked for none other than dante. sure enough, it was there.

not that its weird to have an alias because i have one too. except it’s a completely believable, normal name. it started my freshman year outside the union when a random guy was all like “hey gurl, what’s yo’ name?” as i was passing by. totally annoyed but not wanting to be rude, i simply replied “amy.” it just came out. i don’t know where i got it from. i didn’t even know anyone named amy at the time. then a few years later at a halloween party, i went as a sorority girl and was amy all night. i only use it when i don’t want people to know my real name and even then it doesn’t happen very often.

so a few days ago, i got a text from joel saying that the reveille took his picture for an article they were writing. i thought it was cool and couldn’t wait to see if it made it in or not. so you can imagine my surprise when yesterday, i got a text from a friend who thought they saw joel on the cover of the reveille but wasn’t sure because they didn’t have his name right.

oh yes. dante has officially made his way out of restaurants and onto the streets of LSU. but wait! to make it extra believable, joel even added a last name this time.

i just don’t know how he does it with a straight face?? he actually looked the reporter in the eyes, told her that he was a social work grad student, and his name was dante oblivion. and she bought it. wow.

click on the pic to see it better. so funny. :)


Janee said...

This is quite possibly one of the best stories ever!

Lebraix said...

Is Joel a big fan of Clerks? I'm guessing thats where he picked up the name Dante, and not from the Inferno nor the Peak.

Sarah said...

This is the funniest story I have ever heard...omg...this would have been good for discussion over our pizza dinner the other night. Holy crap!!

Valerie said...

Oh that Joel. He'll get you ever time!!!
A good journalist would have called the registrar's office to confirm the guys name but that's besides the point. Nice font, Wendy!!

Valerie said...

Oh gosh please don't just my typing ability!!
P.S. you need to show me how to use google reader. I NEVER want to miss a post again!

Anonymous said...

first of all.. I would like to agree and say yes Joel does look like a "hottie" in this pic. Next I would like to apologize that this is the first blog I have ever read of yours...I am hooked now and will be a life long fan. Love you...and Dante.

mylovehasntgrowncold said...

That is great! :) This story has made me laugh all three times that I've heard it... so far. I had a friend who used-to order chips and salsa from Casa Maria and use a fake name. It was some long name that he could pronounce and everyone else would butcher. it was fun :) I hope you are doing well, and please tell Dante we miss him at work!

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