May 9, 2008

save the environment one bag at a time

how cool are these?!? im all for bringing your own bag to the grocery store. i HATE the million plastic bags we have stored in our pantry. these seem like a nice alternative for only $34.50 for all 5 (courtesy of can you guess which one is my favorite? :)


Lorien said...

Those are precious!! But 34.50 ain't cheap!! Kate got some super cute ones from Whole Foods last night for me for $0.99. I never thought I would get so excited over a one dollar bag!

I'm so proud of you for being so green! YAY Jenny!!!

Life at the White House said...

you should check out rume bags as well - they are also on

i LOVE them. i actually just ordered 1,000 of them for a work event (with our company logo on them).

they are so very cute and come in very handy at the grocery store.

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