January 20, 2008


this new year i have a few resolutions:

1. take better care of my car
2. do more surprises for Joel
3. call my parents more
4. learn how to sew
5. print out all my engagement pics and shower pics and finish my album
6. finish the books i started

i have so much time on my hands now that i graduated and work full time; i dont even know how to spend my spare time. so hopefully i will be able to accomplish these goals. :)

one of my best friends got engaged two nights ago, and i'm probably more excited for her than i ever was for me. its all the fun of a wedding, but with none of the decisions or details. i can't wait for all the festivities! she's gonna make such a beautiful bride.

1 comment:

Lorien said...

YEAH! you're blogging again! i love it!! and you are absolutely right--kate will make a stunning bride. :)

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