October 17, 2014

Girls night

For almost 4 years now, Joel and I have been leading a small group for our church every week. When we first agreed to start the group, we had no idea what it would look like or who would come. But we were just excited to have a group so close where we live and eager to get to know the people from our church better in our area. 

If you would have told me then how much I would love this group, I wouldn't have believed you. Overtime, it began to feel more like an extended family more than a random group of people meeting, and I constantly look forward to hearing their stories and learning about their lives every week--not to mention the wisdom that flows from this group. 

Recently, we started having regular girls nights to hangout more as a united female front, and they have been such a fun time! We've had a wreath-making party, a sundae/movie night, and our latest one was a favorite things party. 

Everyone brought three things of one of their favorite things that was around $5 ($15 total) to exchange with the rest of us. We ate lots of sweets and played a couple favorite-themed games before opening gifts and pulling names. I learned even more about these girls and was in pain from laughing so much. One thing this group doesn't lack is wit and humor. 

Everyone brought such great stuff and I would have been thrilled with any of it! This was my swag by the end of the night after getting my name pulled, and I am so pumped to use them (esp that Ben and Jerry's that will get eaten this weekend no doubt). And a special cream that I can shave with with no water? Yes please! The winter is looking good for these legs. ;)

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