December 19, 2012

freebie ["My 1st Christmas" Onesie]

Click here to download
In getting things ready for Judah's first Christmas, I decided to make a onesie.  I know--shocker!  Poor thing is going to be stepping into the halls of his senior year of high school with a cracked and peeling "1st Day of Senior Year" shirt.  No, hopefully I won't be that annoying.  I'll just make him hold up a sign before he leaves, so I can properly blog about it and then turn it into a photobook, which will of course have all the previous years similarly documented. :) Too much?

Anyway! Judah is almost 8 months--not 18.  So I can still enjoy slapping designs onto his tiny chest for every occasion.  And if you're anything like me, then I hope you will enjoy this download as well!

Merry Christmas!

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