June 28, 2012

two months with our man

  1. He started smiling! He's been smiling in his sleep since he was born, but around 5 weeks, he gave us his first smile in reaction to us.  I cried and he smiled. Seeing him smile was right up there with seeing him for the first time.  Then he really started smiling consistently at our voices at 6 weeks.  The day he turned 6 weeks, I said, "Happy 6 weeks, my baby" in one of those really annoying high-pitched voices.  His face lit up and smiled so big.  So I said it again--same reaction.  We did this about 6 times.  Until recently, that high-pitched voice was the only thing that got a big ole grin out of him.  Now he smiles at Joel singing and voice in general as well as my terrible singing and a few rattles we have.  He also LOVES his mobile above his crib and grins slightly every time I rewind it.

  2. He got his 2-month shots.  I was so nervous!! But he did so great and there was no need for me to be so worried, haha.  They laid him down with me at his head, gave one shot in one leg, and another in the other.  He cried of course, so I swooped him up and he stopped crying within 10 seconds.  He also got an oral vaccination, but that wasn't near as traumatic. :)  When we got home, he wasn't fussy or had trouble eating at all.  In fact, his reaction was that he was a bit more sleepy.  But when he was awake, he was his smiley, usual self.  And thankfully, his legs didn't swell at all either, which is what I was worried about. Prayers answered for sure!  Now to repeat that in 2 months....
  3. He sleeps "through the night." Now "through the night" is in quotes, because technically speaking once a baby sleeps 5 hours, then it's considered through the night---yeah. news to me too..  If that's the case, then he's been sleeping "through the night" since 3 weeks.  The doctor did give us the clear at his last appt to let him sleep without having to wake up for a night feeding, unless he does on his own.  Since 3 weeks, we have been waking him up after 5 hours to feed him and it killed me every time, but he wasn't big enough yet to go without food for that long.  But now, he almost weighs 10 pounds (which was what I weighed when I was born!) and can sleep as long as he wants at night now.  Yay for more sleep for me!

  4. Judah is such a content baby right now. After I feed him and it's time for me to eat, I can place him in his crib and he is happy for 30-45 minutes.  Sometimes he falls asleep, but most of the time, he just looks around, kicks, gurgles, smiles, etc.  We have a video monitor, so I love watching what he does and seeing him move. He is also perfectly happy in his swing, bouncer, or play blanket.  I try to rotate them, so he gets stimulated when I'm not working with him or playing with him directly (but stuffing my face in the background.)
  5. He LOVES the sound of running water.  This is by far the funniest thing we have discovered! And by funny, I mean sanity-saving. :)  Anytime he is screaming and crying other than when he's hungry, if we go turn on the faucet in the guest bathroom (this one works the best), he immediately stops and turns toward the sound.  Then most of the time, in less than 5 minutes, he falls asleep.  But not asleep to where we could put him down, but asleep to where he'll sleep 20-30 minutes if we hold him, which are some of my favorite parts of the day!  We discovered this when he was about 4 weeks.  We knew that if one of us was in the shower, and we walked in there, Judah was quiet.  Then one day when Joel was at work, Judah was crying and I knew I couldn't just turn on the shower, so I opted for the faucet, and magic happened!  I wish any water sound would work, but it's only a specific sound that does it.  But I'll take it! 

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malary said...

happy two months judah =)
it looks like he is thinking "i'm sexy and i know it" hahaha
can't wait to see him again!!!!

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