August 19, 2010

DIY [spray paint happy]

i am obsessed with spray paint! actually i think i'm more obsessed with quick fixes to cheap purchases. i could fill a closet with all the junk i pick up with the mindset, "oh yeah, this is gonna look great white!" it's a sickness.

over my vacation, i was finally able to devote some time to my DIY projects and spent an entire afternoon painting. for this project, i had no clue what i was going to do with these (frames??) when i bought them. i just liked the size and shape.

i don't even know what they are, but i do know they were less than 50 cents.

after much debate, i decided to make them into chalkboards! there are many other blogs that show you how to do this probably a lot better than me, but here's what i did.

enter chalkboard spray paint. i bet you didn't even know they made such a thing. at least that's what i tell myself. i like to think i'm super cutting edge. :)

then i "seasoned" the board and made many scratching sounds, which had joel wincing in pain in the next room. muahaha. i don't know why you have to do this before you use it. i just know you do. teachers? explanations?

next came the edges. i covered the chalkboard part and it worked great UNTIL i had to peel the tape off after. i had a couple spots take some black off, but i just used my handy dandy permanent marker to fill in those spots. (side note: i had these dark gray lounge pants in college that i wore all the time, but they had a couple tiny bleach spots on them, so i often just colored them in with my marker. quick fixes i tell ya! too much?)

and voila! i'm not sure what i'm going to do with them just yet. for one, i plan on getting some chalkboard markers and putting a verse in it or a favorite quote and putting it in our living room. the other one will be for notes to each other or little reminders like in the first pic. i love how they came out!

total cost: a whopping 6 bucks for both! (so about $3 each with lots of paint to spare)

did i make anyone a believer in the power of spray paint yet? :)

1 comment:

Betsy + Nicky said...

I knew we were friends for a reason... I have a pair of dress capris that I "touch up" with a sharpie from time to time. :)

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